STEAM WATCHERS is a board game under development that will run on a fundraising platform in 2020.

This is the first game created by Hard is Fun studio.

The project of Hard Is Fun studio is to propose a game of area control and confrontation challenging and accessible, offering:

-the most intense immersion possible in an original universe

-A very limited “luck factor” to let the strategy express itself fully

-the possibility to play 2 or 3 without losing the intensity or the interest of the parties to 4, 5 or 6 players

-the possibility of modulating the length

Prototype 3.1 (in french… but soon in english too)


The game uses and expand a wargame mechanics leaving few space at random, developed especially in the games of Christian T. Petersen: the programming of motion and action orders by simultaneous placement and hidden face of programming tokens.

This mechanics is enhanced by 3 original concepts strongly related to the theme of the game:

-The need to move his troops to survive, bringing: fluidity, rhythm, movement and prevents any static strategy.

-The integration to the classic “game round” of a simple system of modular campaigns developing the game universe and giving it a great re-playability.

-The incorporation of an allied people to the main people. With it, the 2/3 players parties are as complete and captivating as the 4 to 6 players parties.

Beard icon by Lorc under CC by 3.0BE A WATCHER!

Our ambition is also to offer the opportunity to all motivated players to join the project by contributing, very close or far, to:

-the improvement of the prototype
-the thematic enhancement of the game and its universe
-promotion and distribution of the game

For playtest, promotion and fundraising campaigns to be successful, we will need you!

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