Game universe

STEAM WATCHERS takes place in a distant future on the plateaus, mountains and sea ice of the continent Europa, in the heart of a long ice age.

5 peoples survive in very harsh conditions thanks to the regular and mysterious formation of giant columns of steam all around the continent. This warmth brings both life (by allowing agriculture) and death as it is accompanied by enigmatic radiation.

This unexplained and salutary phenomenon will quickly allow a religious order (the Order of the Sub-Sun) to manipulate the fears and hopes of the survivors to extend its influence on the continent.

Desiring to possess such a tool for population control, 3 farmer conglomerates housing a few hundred peasant-warriors and living in relative good trade agreement will support and use this new religion.

Only a highlander and scientist people , the Catabates, resists this dominant ideology and tries to elucidate the mystery of these abrupt surface warmings.

The game begins while the formation of steam columns is experiencing unprecedented growth. The Order of the Sub-Sun takes the opportunity to redefine its historical alliances and launch a surprise attack on Europa. At the same time, in the south of the continent, the ice pack vibrates abnormally. The rumour reports the imminent arrival of pirates‘ overflowing wheel boats…

The watchers of each people prepare their troops for long marches and bitter battles in the icy and hostile Europa. It’s war…

Concept of the game

In STEAM WATCHERS, you play as the watcher of one of the 6 peoples surviving on Europa or landing from the South Seas. You will win by maximizing your influence on the continent.

To extend your influence you will have to guide your troops of soldiers towards steam columns and villages.

Controlling villages and steam columns will be necessary to feed your soldiers, to fight, to survive.

But beware, controlling steam columns will expose you to The disease and decrease the vitality and number of your soldiers.

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